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Consider developing a blog as a marketing tool to garner support and awareness for your company, movement or product. Blogs can also function to strengthen search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns by building strong link associations.

As the lead copywriter for a search engine optimization specialist, I am experienced in creating blogs and maintaining a continuous stream of relevant and entertaining posts for a wide variety of companies and clientele.

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    BLOG 1 :: The Obesity Bias


    The Obesity Bias

    Being Overweight Can Harm Your Social Life, Your Career Prospects and Your Happiness

    Much emphasis is placed on the health risks associated with being overweight or obese, but the social stigma can be just as harmful.

    Endeavor Writing Blog Writing Smaple

    Blog article by Endeavor Writing for Hive Health Media. Click to enlarge

    Despite the popular adage, many books do face judgment by their covers, and overweight and large individuals often have to endure deep-seeded animosity and negative stereotypes that can result in bullying at school, workplace discrimination and low self-esteem.

    You probably know that obesity is bad for your health, but it’s also very bad for your life.

    Bias At School
    No one wants to be known as “the fat kid” at school. Overweight children face a slew of challenges as they grow up that have nothing to do with the physical difficulty of performing sports or the many illnesses that accompany obesity such as asthma, sleep apnea and diabetes.

    Overweight children are more like to face bullying and isolation among their peers. Even though school officials continue to crack down on bullying and preach acceptance, children and teens can still be incredibly cruel. Often, overweight students are targeted and face open hostility and social rejection.

    It’s no surprise that research shows that overweight kids and teens tend to have lower self-esteem, underperform academically, and rate themselves less intelligent then their slimmer peers.

    In other words, starting out life overweight can be a crushing blow to a child’s self worth that can have lifelong repercussions.

    Bias At Work
    As if surviving high school as an overweight teen weren’t difficult enough, research shows that the workplace can be just as precarious for overweight adults.

    Studies have found hiring biases against overweight workers. Often, obese people are associated with words like “sloppy”, “dumb”, “slow”, “lazy” and “undisciplined.” Even if these perceptions are not true of a specific person, the unconscious bias of coworkers and employers can negatively affect an overweight person’s opportunities for promotions and career growth.

    Obesity really can hurt your bottom line. Overweight workers tend to earn less than their average-weight co-workers, even when they are doing the same job. They may also face workplace harassment and ridicule.

    Bias Hurts
    The bias against fat is widespread throughout society, and the net result is that many overweight and obese individuals suffer from ongoing discrimination and stigmatization in almost every sector of their lives. Social attitudes have a strong negative impact on the quality of life for these individuals. Depression, self-blame and eating disorders are the common among the overweight.

    When the pounds start to add up, it’s not only your health you’re putting in jeopardy, but also your overall well-being.

    Learn more about the dangers of obesity.

    Client: Hive Health Media  |  Category: Guest Blog

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    BLOG 2 :: Beyond the Price Tag


    Beyond the Price Tag

    I’ve been thinking about and planning this post for some time, because this topic is near and dear to my heart. In our busy, crazy, bumbling lives, we tend to take little mental shortcuts to try and keep the noise down.

    Blog Sample by Endeavor Writing

    Blog writing sample for kRemtronicz. Click to enlarge.

    One convenient shortcut that I think hurts a lot of people in the long run is the tendency to make purchasing decisions based primarily on price without acknowledging or considering the intangibles offered by the different options.

    Perhaps an example is in order. kRemtronicz offers Web Design and Search Engine Optimization services. So do a lot of other companies. On the outside, it may seem like kRemtronicz and Provider B do the same thing, therefore the main differentiator is price. For the harried consumer, it makes sense to go with the lower bid. It’s the same product after all, right?


    What many people fail to understand and appreciate (at least until a problem occurs) is that you are not just paying for a service. You are paying for a teammate who will help you succeed in your business. The “services” kRemtronicz offers are not just the creation and optimization of your website. It’s the emails answered right away, the in depth consultation, the unprompted follow up, the phone calls answered, the confusion explained, the mistakes quickly corrected.

    All of these intangibles are invisible on the original price tag, but they’re actually as important (maybe more important!) than the skills kRemtronicz provides. We have a stake in your business. To us at kRemtronicz, a happy customer—not a paycheck—signals success. Does provider B care as much as we do? This is a legitimate question that will have a huge impact on your vendor experience.

    I don’t mean to blow my own horn or say that kRemtronicz is the very best company the universe has ever produced. I simply want to hit home that price should only be part of the purchase decision. Let’s look at one other example that doesn’t involve kRemtronicz.

    Let’s say it’s your mother’s birthday, and you want to take her out to a nice dinner. What does a nice dinner mean? Does it mean just a $30 steak? If you think so, then you can go to any greasy diner and demand that they charge you $30 for steak. I’m sure they’ll happily oblige.

    Most people would say that a nice dinner entails a clean, pleasant restaurant with an attentive and engaging waiter or waitress. It means having drinks refilled quickly, getting your steak prepared the way you requested and enjoying a nice ambiance. I’m sure everyone has been to at least one really expensive restaurant that served great food but had a terrible ambiance that ruined the entire night.

    Services are just like this. The intangibles make all the difference.

    In the future, when you are making a purchasing decision, I encourage you to look beyond the price tag. Your money is extremely valuable. You want to make sure you truly are getting the best service possible.

    Client: kRemtronicz  |  Category: Blog

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    BLOG 3 :: The Termite Grinch


    The Termite Grinch

    Termites have a certain Grinchiness to them. They certainly don’t mind sneaking into your house or ruining your Christmas with all the damage they create.

    Blog Writing Sample by Endeavor Writing

    Blog Writing Sample by Endeavor Writing for Best Rate Repair. Click to enlarge.

    The holidays aren’t an ideal time to get termites, but when is? If you find the little suckers (or maybe I should say “little biters”), sampling the wooden structures in your home, you need to get them taken care of right away.

    Not the best holiday present to be sure, but don’t let the spirit of the Grinch win. In fact, business for termite exterminators tends to slow down during the holiday season. This puts them into the bargaining mood. Take advantage and get the best deal possible or see if you can get a warranty thrown into the termite inspection and extermination deal.

    The slow season also means that the termite companies will probably take more time to fully inspect your house and make sure that they fully eradicate the termites.

    Also, if termites come knocking this holiday season, you’ll have the perfect excuse not to host the family this year! Maybe you can even claim that the termites ate all the wonderful presents you got for your in-laws.

    Alright, that may be a stretch, but don’t let termites or the Grinch get you this holiday season. Remember that the holidays are truly about family and friends and togetherness. Even if your home has a big colorful extermination tent over it this Christmas, you can still keep the joy of the holidays alive in your heart.

    Client: Best Rate Repair  |  Category: Blog


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    BLOG 4 :: Fortune 500 Companies - Big and Bad in Business, but Puny in SEO


    Fortune 500 Companies
    Big and Bad in Business, but Puny in SEO

    Blog Writing Sample for Optimize4You SEO by Endeavor Writing

    Blog Writing Sample for Optimize4You SEO by Endeavor Writing. Click to enlarge.

    They may be the biggest and most powerful public companies in the U.S., but the Fortune 500 may have a thing or two to learn about search engine optimization. A new study released by SEO technology company Conductor that these companies continue to be “largely invisible in natural search.”

    The study titled “Natural Search Trends of Fortune 500 Q4-2008” analyzed approximately 90,000 primary paid keyword on which the companies were advertising and examined how well those companies ranked naturally on those same key words. The findings were stunning.

    While the companies are spending $51 million per day on paid advertising, they only rank in the top 100 natural search results for 21% of the keywords. In addition, the study concluded that 47% of the top 500 public companies in the U.S. have “Very low or non-existent visibility for their most advertised keywords.”

    Talk about the need for a thorough review of their current search engine strategy. This study confirms that all companies, big and small could benefit tremendously from a strong push on increasing their organic search presence.

    Client: Optimize4You SEO  |  Category: Blog

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    BLOG 5 :: Making a Case for the Home Tool Kit


    Making a Case for the Home Tool Kit

    Growing up, I remember my mom was handy by necessity. Funny how things always seemed to break when there was no one around that knew how to fix them. Go figure! Mom always had a couple of standard tools within easy reach to deal with minor house emergencies. Actually, I remember exactly where she kept them: in a junk drawer at the end of the kitchen cabinets that also housed used paperclips, rubber bands, ink pens and other knick knacks that every hectic family needs to keep functioning properly.

    Blog writing sample for Specialty Home Improvement by Endeavor Writing

    Blog writing sample for Specialty Home Improvement by Endeavor Writing. Click to enlarge.

    From my mom’s good example, I grew up believing that everyone kept tools around the house as a standard practice.

    This naïve assumption was put to rest at a family Christmas party a few years ago. A kitchen faucet started acting up, and a call went out to the party guests, “We need help! Is there a contractor in the house?”

    Not one to shirk my professional calling, I volunteered to examine and try to repair the distressed faucet. When I requested some tools, I was taken to a special section of the homeowner’s garage right next to the water heater, where he stored…his only tool. Sheepishly, he pointed…at a single flathead screwdriver. Yep, just the one.

    Excuse the obvious pun, but the only loose screw I could find was the homeowner who didn’t keep some basic and essential tools around the house.

    Anyone who owns a home, a condo, or even a one bedroom apartment, would be well served to put together a basic home tool kit. Trust me, you’ll wish you had one if you ever find yourself staring at a clogged faucet with only a flathead screwdriver to assist you.

    Without further ado, here is my Sheen-tested and approved home tool kit:

    • Phillips head screwdriver
    • Flat head screwdriver
    • Razor knife
    • Duct tape
    • WD 40
    • A good pair of pliers


    If you really want to make things easy on yourself, I’d also recommend an adjustable “crescent” style wrench.


    Client: Specialty Home Improvement  |  Category: Blog

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